SPM USB Media Cards

We have an innovative way to listen to the Word on one of our USB media cards! Each of these cards has more than 10 hours of audio and video content to absorb on the go, at home or at work! Good for:

Car Audio  |  PC/Mac  |  TV

USB Media Card FAQs

Prosper Package - $15


Audio Series: 

  • Find Yourself, Encourage Yourself, Love Yourself (3 msgs)

  • Planning Your Success (5 msgs)

  • Reaching Your Place of Destiny (2 msgs)

  • The Power of Environment (4 msgs)

Bonus Video:

  • Stop Living Beneath Your Privilege and Start Living From the Top

Breakthrough Package - $15


Audio Series: 

  • Help My Unbelief (2 msgs)

  • The Power of Prayer (3 msgs)

  • Unusual Instructions for Unusual Breakthroughs (3 msgs)

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Marriage (1 msg)

Bonus Video:

  • Whatever God is Going To Do Has Already Been Done

Warfare Package - $15


Audio Series: 

  • Faith 101 (3 msgs)

  • From Dating To the Altar: Are You Ready? (2 msgs)

  • What Does the Bible Say About the Devil? (3 msgs)

  • What To Do When You’re Going Through (4 msgs)

Bonus Video:

  • In All Your Getting, Don’t Forget To Meditate

Prosper, Breakthrough and Warfare Packages together!

Package Of All Packages - $42