How long should an engagement last?

Biblically, an engagement is when a husband finds a wife and they come into agreement to say, “this is the wife I am going to be a husband to” and vice versa. However, most people were not taught what being a wife or husband truly is. Before entering into an engagement, or even seeking a mate, the couple must already be a husband and wife, just as to apply for a position within a law firm you already have to be a lawyer. When you become engaged you are already ready to be married, not preparing for it. An engagement is the period of time that one takes to prepare for the wedding. Entering into an engagement is a husband and a wife coming together to be married and simply prepare for the wedding, which means it should only last the period of time it takes to plan and pay for the wedding. This period should not be preparing yourself to be married.

How do I raise a child in the Word of God when the other parent does not raise them in the same manner?

Unfortunately, this is a heavy consequence that arises when things are done out of order such as having children out of wedlock or marrying someone who is not equally yoked. These situations can be difficult, so clear discussions must be had between parents to prepare them and bring awareness to the possible struggles. However, this is not the end and all is not lost. Like all things, you pray and continue to trust and believe God while you stand on Scripture because this is your child and you have to protect them. Be sure to instill the Word of God in the child because there is power in the Word. In areas where the world pulls at your child, DO NOT BE LENIENT and afraid to be the “bad” parent. Stand strong on the Word of God and do not waiver.