“Planning Your Success” Paperback by Dr. Pettis

An excerpt from “Planning Your Success: Proceed To Succeed” by Dr. Steven L. Pettis:

Throughout this book, I will be referring to some biblical verses that will help you in succeeding. Ecclesiastes 5:3 says “A dream comes through much effort.” Success will never come to the effortless. There are at least two types of people that will never see success: the lazy and the procrastinator. It’s obvious what happens when you’re lazy. But a person who’s always procrastinating will never make the decision to succeed. They’re always delaying today for tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes, which means success never comes. There is a process to success called planning. If you can identify with what’s been said so far then, you have positioned yourself to proceed to succeed. It’s time to plan your success, so you can start living the successful life.”

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