USB Media Cards FAQs

Our Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much memory space is on the USB Cards?
A. It depends on which product you select but the cards can hold 2, 4 or 8 GBs

Q. How do I listen to the audio messages?
A. If your car has an AUX/USB input, you can slide the USB part of the card into the USB hub. It should play automatically when you select AUX or USB on the console. You can also open the files on your computer and listen to it through that. Make sure it’s inserted correctly for either

Q. How do I watch the video files?
A. If your television has a USB input, then you can insert it into the TV and select USB from the TV menu to play.

Q. The USB card is too big to fit into the space where the USB port is. What do I do?
A. You can either detach the USB finger and insert that into the port, or cut down the part of the card that does not fit. It’s just plastic.

Q. If I’m listening in my car, does the message pick up where I left off when I turn my car on and off?
A. It depends on your car’s technology, but our experience shows us that the message picks up where it left off.

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