Dr. Pettis. have you ever dealt with insecurity in ministry?

Absolutely, insecurities come with something new or when you are not sure. I came from a Baptist denomination and I was never a good “hooper”, which is a popular preaching style in the Baptist church. My voice was not really equipped for “hooping” but I made it my own. Also, I had insecurities when I took over as Pastor when it came to actually teaching the ministry. Since my father was a great teacher, I knew the importance of it but I avoided it out of insecurity. But today, teaching is my greatest strength. You cannot grow a ministry up in maturity with preaching alone; you have to teach them.

Dr. Pettis, when does a woman’s “helping anointing” become a hindrance when the man does not want to be helped?

As an anointing from God, women are designed to help. But only when there is a vision – not to help foolishness because at that point she is an enabler. She has to use her wisdom to not help or put her energy somewhere that is not beneficial. At that point it is up to her to move from a relationship where her help is not desired.