Q: Dr. Pettis how do you deal with someone who never wants to confront problems or brush things under the rug?

A: By nature we would all like life to be perfect; but when a person does not want to confront something its fear in the midst; confrontation does not have to be a bad thing. With confrontation there is correction, and confrontation is a good thing, without confronting a person can continue on a downward spiral. In any relationship a person may not want to confront their issues from fear of losing the person. Some people would rather stay in denial or put things on the shelf from fear.  We have to change our perception of confrontation; confrontation will help strengthen any relationship.

Q: Dr. Pettis, what is it the one thing you wish every church member would do?

A: In short, I wish every member would simply do… their… part. The Bible says “Obedience is better than sacrifice” (1 Samuel 15:22) and many tend to sacrifice because others aren’t obedient. When everyone does their part, it makes it easier on the entire group.